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Good old-fashioned pessimism? Not exactly. By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of Sept. 26, 2008 Devarim 30:1 states: “And it will be when all these things come upon you, namely the blessing and the … more
Heads we win, tails we lose By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of Sept. 19, 2008 When my oldest child began to talk, she was two months shy of her second birthday. It occurred to me that I could … more
Not being ‘cross’ By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of Sept. 12, 2008 Chapter 22 has a unique list of seemingly random commandments: You may not forego returning a lost object you come … more
Loving the ‘ger’ By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of August 22, 2008 The Torah commands us to love three entities: G-d, our neighbor, and the “ger.” The term “ger” is usually translated … more
Enjoy, enjoy! By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of August 15, 2008 The Talmud (Taanit 30b) quotes the Mishnah when it says there were no holidays (literally "good days") on the Jewish calendar as … more
By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of August 8, 2008 This optimistic/pessimistic outlook is an embodiment of what Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik would call a “dialectic.” Tisha B’Av is the saddest … more
Tzlafchad’s daughters In memory of Aharon Hakohen, who loved everyone and pursued peace between people, whose yahrzeit is this Shabbos, the first day of Av. By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of … more
Shabbos meals- no children allowed...? By Rabbi Avi Billet The best thing about Shabbos, a friend of mine says, is that it guarantees him two or three meals a week with his family. He can sit … more
An unlikely reunion by Rabbi Avi Billet In light of last week's challenging "exchange" of soldiers Goldwasser and Regev for, among others, a murderer who does not deserve the treatment he has … more
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