islam and jews

Rock star imam affirms love of Israel

An Iranian-born Australian Shia imam told a Five Towns audience last Wednesday evening that he’s onboard with Israel — and that the Koran agrees that the land of Israel belongs to the …


Tlaib's fake history

History may be open to interpretation, but not wholesale revision. Enter Rep. Rashida Tlaib and the tale of Palestinian Arabs as the benefactors of persecuted Jews. In 2015, Israeli Prime Minister …

support for israel

FIDF raises $400,000 at annual 5 Towns gala

Judith and Zoltan Lefkovits survived the Holocaust and came to the United States in the late 1950s — “separately,” the couple said in unison. Their families’ harrowing …


Israel’s tourism triumph lies underneath it

When the BDS movement mounted a campaign against Israel, it targeted more than Israel’s economy, including tourism, which has nonetheless flourished beyond any expectation. BDS not only …

chevra kadisha

Save the planet, don’t cremate: Jewish advice

When Rabbi Jay Lyons prepares a body for burial, it feels like he’s in synagogue on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Lyons, along with other Jews charged with …


Herman Wouk brought Judaism into mainstream

Herman Wouk, the bestselling Orthodox author whose literary career spanned nearly seven decades and who helped usher Judaism into the American mainstream, died Friday …


Restaurant scene is a triumph of Israel tourism

Israel’s adversaries in the BDS movement thought they could starve Israel through economic warfare that included even its food sector. Many remember the furor over SodaStream, Sabra hummus, …


Bias against Israel revealed at Hebrew University

Newly released recordings from Hebrew University’s international graduate program in human rights reveal that international students are subjected to extreme anti-Israel content. In …


Is there room for honest scholarship on Israel?

The old joke about academia is that the arguments in the faculty lounges are so nasty because the stakes involved are so small. That’s often true about most things that go on in the narrow …


In Germany in the 1960s, Nazi judges still ruled

Max Merten had been a loyal employee of Hitler’s Third Reich. Yet a few years later, he became an esteemed official in the new German Democracy’s Justice Ministry. …


Young women move to serve their new country

After immigrating from New Jersey, Miriam Serkez, 20, became a medic with the Israeli emergency medical service Magen David Adom. It’s part of her national service in Israel, …


Chicago couple acts frum to spread Christianity

A few months ago, a couple got involved in the Chicago Jewish community. Rivkah Weber and David Costello started attending an Orthodox synagogue in the West Ridge neighborhood. They looked and acted …

kosher kitchen

Rhubarb works either as fruit or vegetable

The upside of all the rain we’ve had this past month is that the rhubarb in my yard is phenomenal this year. The leaves are two feet across and the stalks are two feet high and as thick as …


Join fight, Friedman asks evangelicals

More than 200 evangelical leaders, organized by the Latin Coalition for Israel, gathered at the Aish Hatorah World Center in Jerusalem to celebrate the one-year anniversaries of the American and …

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