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The Five Towns and Far Rockaway were prepared for whatever Juno might have delivered, thanks to the cooperation of municipal, state and non-profit players who gathered at Achiezer on Central … more
The Eldercare II, Achiezer conference drew people from all walks of life last Sunday evening: middle-aged children, doctors, Rabbonim, spouses; residents of New York City, … more
This past Sunday morning, Tzom Gedaliah, nearly 60 women filled the Achiezer office on Central Avenue, to partake in the ongoing community-wide health training series presented by Achiezer and … more
An immense crowd of men, women and children gathered at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway on Tisha B’Av for a special Kinos program produced by the Yeshiva in conjunction with the Achiezer Community Resource Center. more
Last Sunday’s Achiezer Tribute Dinner gave over 1,000 people from all neighborhoods of the Far Rockaway/Bayswater and Five Towns community a chance to set aside shul affiliation, yarmulka type and personal interests, to join in support of one undisputed cohesive agent: chesed. more
On June 1, when Achiezer hosts its sole annual fundraiser, our Far Rockaway-Bayswater/Five Towns community will join together in support of an organization that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, an organization that serves every need, of every community member; because every person matters. more
A personal trainer at a gym saw the posted flier offering CPR classes and called Malky Tropper, EMT and CPR instructor and asked to learn. The woman took the class and Tropper got a call from her eight months later. “I was in Williamsburg,” said the non-Jewish woman excitedly, “and I saw a Jewish boy with the long curls choking on a hard candy. He fell unconscious and I saved the boy by doing what you taught me! I beat the Jewish ambulance!” she exulted. more
Achiezer’s Krias Megilah Program is back for another year! Last year, volunteers in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway performed more than 45 lainings and enhanced the Purim celebration for many in our community. more
In a matter of moments there were literally dozens of accidents and emergencies. Cars slid into one another, mothers and children slipped and fell, and many elderly individuals suffered terrible falls and subsequent injuries. Just as quickly, our community sprang into action. more
It’s a brand new Seasons. The completely remodeled supermarket, for many years branded as Supersol, is the latest enhancement in a world of increasingly upscale kosher shopping experiences. And its opening, anticipated by the end of January, will likely supercharge the relatively quiet Lawrence business district. more
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